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3 Tiers Stainless Steel Clothing Rack

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This Dual Bars Horizontal & Vertical Telescope Style 3 Tiers Stainless Steel Clothing Garment Shoe Rack combines clothing airing holder and storage rack function in a single unit. It is smartly designed into stretchable one for horizontal and vertical directions, so that it can bring extended space for more clothes. What's more, 3 layers allows larger capacity for holding shoes or other garments. Its full stainless steel material greatly ensures high strength and durability, uneasy to deform or break. Good for household!

1. Premium stainless steel, not easy to rust or break
2. Horizontally or vertically stretch the rack for extended space
3. With 3 layers design, it can help you store different items
4. Easy to use
5. Telescope design to save space
6. Act as a garment rack, shoe rack and clothing airing holder

1. Material: Stainless steel
2. Color: Black
3. Extensible Length: (31.49-61)"" / (80-155)cm
4. Extensible Height: (31.49-61)"" / (80-155)cm
5. Width: 31.5"" / 80cm
6. Gross Weight: 6.53 lbs / 2.96 kg


Package Includes:
6 x 25*68cm Tubes
4 x 22*68cm Tubes
2 x 19*68cm Tubes
4 x 22*34cm Tubes
2 x 22*25cm Tubes
10 x 9.8*67cm Tubes
2 x Bases
4 x Wheels
8 x 3-Pass Joints
4 x Towel Rack Plastic Parts
4 x Pipe Caps
8 x Seal Rings

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